About Pappin

Our Story

Pappin’s story began in the 18th century with the building of its luxurious and elegant namesake mansion in Belgium. This heritage and splendour are reflected through Pappin.

Drawing on a family tradition of creating high quality, stylish, yet practical products, Pappin’s founder Rosalie Hanotte now brings her family’s appreciation of quality to the world of luxury fashion. With a variety of belt accessories the chance to add elegance and personalisation to your style is born.

Pappin is a women’s high-end accessories brand. Inspired by luxury fashion houses, products appeal to the cosmopolitan and style conscious buyers. Yet with the elegance and exclusivity also comes ready-to-wear pieces and versatility. With every Pappin product, you know that you are in the presence of simplicity, practicality, love, passion and quality. These values are at the heart of Pappin’s philosophy.

The belts brought to you by Pappin are the highest of quality, with the most natural materials employed. Using tanned Italian leather, the belts are handmade products. The techniques originate from luxury fashion leaders in France and in Italy, to create opulent and long-lasting goods.

With this longevity, your Pappin belt becomes part of your story. It is present through every moment of your life and the future generations to come. Presented in an exquisitely decorated box, you also have a place to store your most valued belongings, from jewellery to family heirlooms. Everything about Pappin’s products, from the belt to the packaging speak personality and love. The interchangeable nature of the Pappin belts allow you to create your unique style. The hallmarked solid sterling silver buckle comes with two leather belt straps. When future trends emerge and fashion needs change, your iconic Pappin belt is easily adaptable. You can alternate between the straps to showcase your identity and enjoy the rest of your life.

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