Two Belts

Same Size, Different Colour

Pappin Luxury Belt Set


The Pappin Box contains two different colour belts of the same size with the 925 solid sterling silver.

Ideally, one should wear the belt on the third hole in order to maximise the visual aesthetic.

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To wear the belt on your dress, please measure your waist size. To wear your belt on trousers, please measure your hips. If you want to wear your belt on your waist, you might want to one smaller. Therefore, note that the size of your belt will depend on the garment you will be wearing. To select the appropriate belt, please refer to the belts size chart here.

Product Maintenance

Helpful tips and advice to get longer life out of your PAPPIN belt.


Prevent Darkening

The iconic 925 sterling silver buckle is covered with a fine layer of rhodium to ensure that your silver buckle remains shiny.


Prevent Aging

Please store the belt in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


Prevent Scratches

Be careful when replacing belts or buckles to avoid scratches on the surface of the belt.


Belt Buckle

Avoid contacting belts and buckles with all solvents, oils and alcoholic substances.


Wipe Gently

The belt and 925 sterling silver buckle should be gently wiped with a cotton flannel.

Product Details

The belt itself is made of superior quality Italian leather, tanned using traditional craftsmanship. In addition to being durable and of excellent quality, Italian leather is luxuriously soft and flexible, ensuring a timeless look.

The iconic buckle is made in Italy using 925 pure silver

The hallmark Pp shape buckle is made from genuine solid sterling sliver 925 in Italy.

All elements are carefully placed in the signature pink Pappin lacquer coffret.

Product Philosophy

Luxury Creativity

Pappin’s signature coffret makes the ideal gift in addition to being a beautiful compliment to your Pappin leather belts and buckle.

At Pappin, we believe that expressing your unique personality is the best way to be true to one’s self. Pappin leather belts are Limited Edition, allowing you to express your unique identity.

Words from

our Founder…

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